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Wii Launch Day
Got to Fred Meyer at 5:00am, Scotty had been there for about 15 minutes already. The line looked like I was probably one of the 29 folks who were going to get one. At around 6:30 the store manager came out and handed out tickets, and I got number 21, but it wasn't a big deal, everyone who had showed up was able to get a ticket. Once we got a ticket they told us we were guaranteed a Wii when they opened at 7:00am, so we headed over to Denny's to warm up. As soon as we sat down our buddy Russ called and said he had just pulled up to Freddies and gotten the last ticket. Good timing on his part.

I got out of Freddies with the Wii, another controller and nunchuck attachment, and Zelda. Not a bad morning.

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let me know how it is dude

damn. I ended up with an extra remote, points card, zelda, super monkey ball, but no extra nunchuck... nobody on this end of town had 'em.

They didn't have very many. Looked like they had around 10, and I got the second to last one.

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