Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Went and saw Casino Royale tonight with gorgonous, bigj, scotty and Chorissa(sp?). I was really impressed, it's easily the best Bond movie since Sean Connery.

Scotty and I had planned to go hit Fred Meyer early tomorrow to try and get a Wii, but angz tipped us off that they were opening at midnight. The Canby store wasn't one of the ones opening early though, so we cruised up to Oregon City. We got there just before 11:00, and there was a line wrapping around the building. Some folks had tents, and had obviously been there for hours. The guys at the Canby store had told us they had 29 in stock, so we figured even if Oregon City got twice as many we were out of luck. The Canby store had said they were going to let people line up at 11:00pm, so we went back over there to see if anybody was. At around 11:40 there was one guy and his kid with a sleeping bag, and that was it. Neither of us is willing to stand out in the cold all night, so we're going to head back over there at 5:00am and try our luck.
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