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Less than a week to get your ballots in! If you get it filled out this week, all you have to do is walk out to the mailbox. If that's what's stopping you, I'll be happy to come by and take it to your mailbox for you. If the cost of a stamp is a barrier, I swear to God I will Paypal you 39 cents. Turnout among young voters (18-29) is expected to set records for a midterm election this year by breaking 30 percent. 30 percent! That's completely and utterly pathetic. I guarantee our representation in voting for American Idol is much, much higher. Decisions that shape our nation, and these days the rest of the world as well, are being made largely without the input of a demographic that makes it's presence felt in every other aspect of our society, but who cares, we got Kelly Clarkson a record deal! An uninvolved electorate causes the country infinitely more harm than extremists on the right or left ever could. No matter your political leaning, there are important issues on the ballot this year that you *will* care about. Do something about it.

That said, please understand what you're voting for before you mark your ballot. Some of the initiatives this time around are very complex. Fortunately, the state puts out a handy dandy Voter Guide. The full text of every initiative is in there, along with arguments for and against. Seeing how the OEA or Oregon Taxpayers United views a particular item can be very revealing about what kind of effect it will have. Still, if at the end of the day you don't understand what affect your vote will have, don't vote on that issue. You don't have to vote for every item for your ballot to count.

P.S. You could have filled out your ballot in the time it took you to read this post!
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