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(no subject)
Heard on Fox's commentary of the ALCS just now:

"How many scouts are looking in West Virginia for baseball talent?"

"Probably not many, but there are a lot of great players that come out of the midwest."


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No love for the NW's Beavs eh?

Actually, the same announcer gave a shoutout to the "National champion Oregon State Beavers", so I forgave him for thinking West Virginia is in the midwest :)

ohhh... egg on my face =) I teach science, not geography thank god.

wow. Everything about Fox is top-notch.

Was that a Steve "Pysco" Lyons comment?

Because he is starting to piss me off.

He asked Sweet Lou during game one "So, why in the world would you go and coach the Devil Rays?" And then bashed the Devil Rays on and on...

First off, don't ask that question to a guy that is nice enough to help you out in the booth when he doesn't need to.

Second, do some freaking homework Mr. Lyons. The Devil Rays organization pretty much has a pipeline right now of getting players out of the Willamette Valley. Four kids have signed with them in the past three years, including a fifth round pick from your former high school Mr. Lyons.

Lyons wasn't that great of a ball players, and he might be worse as an announcer. Either way, he has totally forgot where he came from.

Yes, it was indeed Steve Lyons.

I guess Fox has fired Mr. Lyons...

That's kind of like a couple of years ago when OSU made a bowl game and every one thought it was Oklahoma.

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