Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Not much going on this week. Had a blast in Corvallis over the weekend, great to see everyone. Of corse, with all the Everquest that was going on, it may be only a matter of time before Mike and Ferrell have to come join me in Beaverton ;)

Finaly got my RAM from Crucial, so I have my new system all setup. Damn it's speedy. I've rebooted a couple times just to watch how fast it is ;) Only problem is that with repairing the car, the new computer, and spending the weekend partying in Corvallis, I have 98 cents in my bank account. Would have waited on the computer if I had known the car needed work when I ordered everything. Fortunatly, I get paid on friday.

I guess UPS has been trying to deliver a package for me to my mom's house. They keep missing us though, so they want me to go pick it up. I'll swing by there tomorrow before work. It's from the same reseller I bought my CPU and Motherboard from...I have no idea what it could be, we'll see tomorrow...

Oh, I saw this today and was very amused:

Dotcom Scoop has just found out that eFront has been unable to make payments on their office space and has been evicted today.

Heh..HEH! Way to go eFront! I only hope this doesn't screw over the webmasters who are hosted by them anymore than they already have been. There are a lot of good sites on eFront, I'd hate to see them go.
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