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(no subject)
I bought a new car last night. First new car I've owned. It's a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid.

Here's the outside:

And the inside:

It's got a gage for current MPG, and it tracks overall MPG as part of the trip meter. Right now I'm averaging 33.2 MPG, but I've only driven 60 miles so far. I talked to a guy I know who has one and he averages around 45 MPG.

I'm pretty happy with it. Now I need it to get dirty so I can stop worrying about it getting dirty.

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Oh man... looks awesome AND fairly loaded too. You'll love it. They're great cars.

I'm jealous. I will consider myself officially successful when I can buy my very first brand new car. I am reeeeally jealous.

I'll post a scan of the first statement I get and you'll feel better :)

Awesome! Congrats! Good choice. ooooh. :)

Awesome, now you can roll down 99 and get all the ladies, while getting good mileage.

My Dodge Neon gets 29MPG. Even at 45MPG it deson't seem like much of an improvement for something that's half electric. When I used to drive the Geo Metro, I got a solid 50—of course, the car was weak. How well does your civic perform on the freeway? I read somewhere that you could modify US hybrids to double fuel economy pretty easily..

Not trying to rain on your parade. Looks like a pretty cool car at any rate. Plus don't you get some sort of tax credit for buying a hybrid?

Hybrids aren't really half electric, most of the power still comes from the combustion engine. It's more like 25%.

When you accelerate it uses both systems, so it performs pretty well. It's not a sports car by any means, but it's got enough oomph for me.

And yes, there are tax credits. $2100 from the feds and $1500 from the state.

Re: Hybrid?

So I'm just skeptical. Nice kickback from the government though.

Just think, if you worked for Anthro (where Stacy works), you'd also get $50/month for gas as part of their hybrid car benefit.

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