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My desk has been pretty cluttered for the last couple years, since it contained two 19" CRTs, a 13" TV/VCR, a PS2 and an Xbox. It was kinda silly to have three different displays within a 6 foot area, but they all served their purpose. I needed the TV for cable and the game consols. I could have used one monitor for both of my computers, but on occasion having each with a sepperate display comes in handy.

A few months ago I picked up a Dell 19" LCD, so one of the CRTs has been retired, freeing up a good chunk of space. And now that we have IPTV, I don't need the TV for cable anymore. The little box it uses just outputs composite or S-Video. So I decided to pickup a system selector I can plug all my video stuff into, and then a video to VGA converter, so I can run all of it through my other 19" CRT. I was a little concerned that there would be some signal degradation, but everything looks great on it so far. And I can see parts of my desk that have been covered for years :)

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Should have gone with the dell 24". It has S/composite/component inputs and can display 1080p :D Just the other day I had my xbox in a PIP window in the upper right while I was flying from place to place in wow.

uhh... that was me. Don't know how I got logged out.

Yeah, I know the 24" is better, but there's the matter of the $500 extra it woulda cost me :)

At some point I'd like to get a widescreen LCD for the video stuff, but for now the CRT is good enough.

Woo, do you want a tshirt that says "Forgot to Login" or "Buddies"?

I'll take the Forgot to Login :D

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