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(no subject)
Last weekend I went to Fry's to buy a DVD they had in their ad, and like the last two times I'd tried to do that, it was sold out. But that's just the lead in...on the way there, I noticed my temp gauge was getting pretty high. Checked my coolant, and it was pretty low, so I topped it off and all was well. On the way home I was almost run off the road by a crazy tow truck driver, but that's just an aside. Checked it again yesterday, and it had gone down some. Not a lot, but enough that I know there's a leak somewhere. So I took it in this morning, and...it's the water pump. Not what I was hoping for, but I suppose it could have been worse. The part isn't bad, but the labor is gonna be spendy, probably close to $400 when all is said and done.

All in all, it's not been too bad. It's an 18 year old car, I knew when I bought it I'd need to have parts replaced sooner or later. Unfortunately it's just happened in a short span of time. In the year since I bought it, it's needed a new alternator, distributor, and now water pump. Still I got it for a song, so after all that repair, my total cost is still right around what blue book would have been. Plus, bad things are supposed to happen in threes, so I should be good for a while.

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Had the same thing happen to me a few weeks back.

The water pump was cheap, like $75 bucks.

Then the labor gets ya.

Yeah... That reply was me.

I sympathize with you about the car thing... My car just crapped out on me yesterday. It stalled out at a stop sign and wouldn't start again. Fun. But, like you said, maybe this is my third thing in the run, and I'll be good for a while (the other two were the starter and the alternator). Good luck with your car. Oi.

What ended up being wrong with it?

That's the trick, isn't it? Turns out they don't know what's wrong with it. Apparently, the car starts just fine for them. Gee, thanks guys. For me, though, this is just the most recent time it has stalled and then refused to start. Also, it will stall while I am driving 40 mph, and that is just weird to me (though I can just pop the clutch while I am driving along. The problem is when I come to a stop and it stalls). But what do I know? Apparently very little about cars. So the shop still has my car, and somehow I need to get back to PDX on Sunday so that I can catch my 7:30 am flight Monday morning. Ugh. I'll figure it out, but I feel like it's just unnecessary. Sorry for unloading here. Next time I'll do it in my own journal.

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