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(no subject)
If you can at all avoid being backed into by a flatbed semi-truck, I highly recommend it. Having had the experience this morning, I can tell you with a very low degree of equivocation that I found it to be an unpleasant one. Fortunately neither I nor, amazingly, my car were damaged.

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Good thing you're ok! And thanks for the advice - I will be on the lookout for stray semis. :D

Your car wasn't damaged? Where did the truck hit?

Fortunatly the truck had a guard rail hanging down from the back of the flatbed, so it made contact with my bumper instead of the bed plowing into my hood. My bumper took all of the impact, and it must be a pretty tough bumper cause all it did was get a little scuffed.

Glad you're okay Ben, that totally sucks.

I am glad you are ok ben too!

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