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(no subject)
Ok, so the group for Hitchhiker's didn't pan out...well, no problem, we've just gotta get right back on that horse. Kingdom of Heaven, this friday after work.

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How about Hitchhikers guide Friday after work????

I think most of us have seen it. I know Jason, Sarah, and I have. But hey, you can still go to the movies and have a good time swooning over Orlando Bloom, eh Gov'?

Can I go? I haven't been to teh movees in a long time cuz I'm so busy makeing out with my girlfriend (woman/cat). She's da best evar!

You can come, but only if you ninaj kick everyone in line ahead of us so we can get good seats...oh, and you also have to get me in on some of that woman/cat action. Meeeeow!

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