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(no subject)
I don't know enough about basketball to say whether Mo Cheeks was a good coach or not, but at least from a PR standpoint, it can't be a good thing for the Blazers to fire the only guy left in the organization with any class.

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Damn, that story gives me chills. Like you said, it's sad to see the Blazers getting rid of people who are actually Good.

Dude that's lame. I'm hardly a Blazer's fan, but Cheeks was a cool guy.

ya, no... he was a shitty coach. Nice guy, no doubt, but that rarely, if ever, translates to wins on the basketball court. The Blazers are basically doing exactly what they have to do in order to get competitive again, I can't say it's not ugly, but there is no other way out of this mess.

They've got the guys they want to build around on the roster right now, but they've had veterans and a veterans' coach in the way, getting a vince carter would have been nice but it didn't happen so now they just got to get damon, van exel, and rahim out of town as painlessly as possible (and I guess that means not trading them for guys with bad contracts). Assuming they are able to stay the course and get a good tough coach in the driver seat next year, Portland is really only about 2 years away from being good again (assuming some of the kids grow up a little).

You just hit the nail on the head

Like the author of the article says, Im not sure if the firing was good or bad, but it is sad to see a guy with class lose out to an organization that would rather pay a bunch of thugs and punks.

Pro B-Ball is shit.

I guess I am more conservative when it comes to my sports.

Cheeks was a crappy coach but I think this team needs more than a new coach to do anything big. A whole attictude/player adjustment seems like a better fit but may be tough in the short term.

It seems like a chim could coach them and it wouldn't make a difference right now.

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