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(no subject)
Since I now make around half what I used to, I've had to decrease my expenses a tad. The big change is selling my car, thereby not having a $260/month payment and not having to pay for comprehensive insurance. That alone just about gets my budget to where it needs to be. I lucked out on finding a good used car; my mom has a co-worker who's selling an '88 Toyota Celica for $600. I'll probably be picking that up this weekend.

That just leaves selling my Focus, and the sooner the better, since I really can't pay for two cars for very long. Idealy I'll have it sold sometime in the next week. So, if you know anyone looking to buy a car, do me a favor and send them my way :)

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Those 80's Toyotas are the cream of the crop. You're getting a sure thing there.

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