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Just one of those days...
Well, I took my drivers test today. Passed no problem. Get this though: There was only one thing I got marked down for. During the test we went by a school. It's during school hours, and children were definitely present. They were all over the place. So I slow down to 20. All the folks behind me got pissed and started honking, and the Tester marked me down for "driving slowly enough to impeed the flow of traffic." It's a damn School Zone lady! I was tempted to grab her clipboard and beat her with it, but since she passed me I let her off light ;)

So, having passed the test, I took my car out to get the oil changed, and then took it to the Carridge House and had them clean it inside and out. Car's looking great.

Unfortunatly, after driving it around town, it was becoming apparent that something wasn't right. The engine is running fine, but it doesn't seem to be going into gear very well. Once it gets going it's ok, but starting off the line is tough. So, I decide I'll just have a mechanic take a look at it tomorrow. The car had other ideas.

Eventually it just quit going into gear altogether. You can rev the engine all day and go nowhere. It sounds like it's not shifting out of neutral. Looks like it prolly needs a new clutch. Had it towed to a mechanic we know, we'll see what the damage is tomorrow.

Just weird. The car has been driven plenty of times since I bought it with no problems. Chose the day I get my licence to die. Only good news is that I got paid today, so I have money to fix it. Hopefully it is just the clutch and not the whole transmission...

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Sorry Ben that sucks, but congrats on the license.

Well when it's work drive that lady killer over here! You gonna be in town for the summer?

Yeah man, soon as I get the thing working (which hopefully will be this weekend...mechanic hasn't called us yet though)I'll head over there for a saturday or something.

And yeah, I'll be around during the summer. Don't plan on going back to OSU until the fall

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