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(no subject)
Wow. I don't think there's going to be much confusion this year as to whether or not USC are the champs. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that Auburn and Utah got shafted bigtime.

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That was a blow out game, I'm glad USC won though, West Coast represent! The whole college system is just really funky and seems like it needs to be changed big time, especially when they can't even tell anyone exactly how the system works.

You can make the case that Auburn should have been in the chamionship game, but UTAH??? They may have been undefeated, but who did they play? By my count exactly one ranked team and that was in week 1. They would have gotten thrashed by any of the other three undefeateds...

Of course they would have. But in my book, going undefeated earns them the right to be thrashed by one of the other three :)

I agree; it shouldn't be possible for a season to be over with more than 1 team undefeated. Some sort of playoff system has to happen, whether it's as few as 4 teams or as many as 32. What I hope they do (but highly doubt they ever will) is keep the rank system alive, give the winner of each conference a trip to the playoffs, fill in however many teams are necessary with wildcards based on rank to have the right number of teams for the playoffs, and match people off based on rank. So if there's 16 teams, rank 1 plays 16, 2 plays 15, etc.

Don't have the "Human" polls vote until the fourth week of the season.

That would fix things a bunch.

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