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(no subject)
Schilling pulled in the 3rd after giving up 6 ER, Mussina perfect through 6. Pitching has not been kind to the Sox tonight.

Update: Wow, someone forgot to tell Boston this thing was over, they've scored 7 runs in two innings to pull within 1...but here comes the top of the Yank's order...

Update 2: Well, at least they made a game of it. I think the outcome would have been much different had Schilling been healthy. But I still like their chances for the series...they showed they're never out of it, even down 8-0.

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That was quite the game. I thought for sure a black plague had befallen the Yankies at the top of the 7th (5 fucking runs!) which only gave the Sox some room because of the shitty field play NY exhibited, but NY pulled it back then and again last night. This will definately be a fun series to observe.

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