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(no subject)
This is only going to make sense to 4 people, but here goes...

Measure 38 is the ballot measure disolving SAIF, and it's being funded by Liberty Mutual. I just saw one of the oposition's ads, and their slogan is "Vote L'no on 38!". I figure they hired someone to make the ad who either went to LSU, or who saw the Liberty Bowl in 2001 ;)

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I got it. Bet you weren't counting me...

Yes. I showed up in Oregon around the time you guys were quoting "L YES!". At first I was confused, where did you guys come up with this, I wondered. Then I asked, and Anil (I think) explained it to me. Then eventually I just saw the commercial for myself.

we in da liberty booooooooowl!

man, that video was great!

L yes.

Even a slight bit better than Rip City Rhapsody.

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