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(no subject)
I really thought the Twins were going to put the Yanks down 0-2 for a while there, but their closer just ran out of gas in the 12th. Skipper should have pulled him two batters before he did. Oh well, at least Boston won too.

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I missed tonight's games. No cable TV =( So, game three is in Minnesota? Lets hope homefield wins out.

What inning did they put Nathan in? They surely didnt put him in the 9th and let him pitch till the 12th???

Sox v St. Louis is my prediction.

They surely did. Nathan did fine until the 12th, but after 40 pitches he had nothing left. He loaded the bases with 1 out, and a popup to center took care of the rest.

I think it'll be the Sox and the Cards too. Should be a good series if so...lots of runs :)

I was pulling for those Twinkies, too. Too bad about them. On the upside, the Braves beat the Astros today.

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