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(no subject)
I went to Starbucks this evening to see if they had anything that looked interesting. I knew they sold various apparel like mugs and coffee pots and the like. Not only did they not have anything that grabbed me, they couldn't even sell me a beverage because their machines were clogged or something.

I came home still stuck with enough Starbucks cash to rival the hoard of Midas, so I decided to see what I could get for them on ebay. I discovered two things. One, that Starbucks gift cards almost always go for within a dollar of their value. I've never understood why people will pay full price for things on Ebay rather than just go to the store, especially when you end up paying more than full price after shipping costs. Why risk someone ripping you off, or at best wait days for it to show up when you could have it right now for less? I don't have the answers to these questions, but apparently there are plenty of people who do, 'cause this happens all the time. The second thing I learned is that there is a healthy trade in used Starbucks gift cards. The money on them has already been spent, but they're sold as collectors items since they have different pictures printed on them for different places, seasons, holidays, etc. Just goes to show you that there is a market out there for anything. I don't care what it is, someone will buy it.

Anyway, I had $55 in cards, decided to hang onto one of the $10 ones, and threw the rest up on ebay.

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I just may have to bid on that.

Me too. How sad if one of us gets it. I told you Iw ould buy them from you!

Yeah, but I didn't know I had $45 dollars worth then...I didn't think you'd want that much ;)

Why didn't you go to the other Starbucks?

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