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I haven't updated in a really long time...I suppose I'm due. Finally all the trouble stemming from our 4th of July disaster are pretty much resolved. It's costing us all a pretty penny, but it's behind us now, and nobody is going to jail.

muerte, gorgonous, and I just got back from the San Diego Comic-Con. Scott has been pretty big into comics the last few months, and he talked Ike and I into going. I figured it would be insteresting, but I wasn't expecting a whole lot. Man, was I wrong. That place is amazing. Even if you hate comics there's still a ton of stuff to do there, and all kinds of great presentations. Oh, and while I was there I was attacked by Klingon's twice. First physicaly when one tried to strangle me, and then mentally when a bunch of them put on the worst play I've ever seen. Other than that it was a blast though. I'm really glad I went, and I'm looking forward to it again next year. The only downside is that I've been sucked into comics now myself, and it's an expensive hobby ;)

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Wow I read that 4th of July thing that musta been scary. I wish I coulda gone to Comic Con as I too started reading a few just recently....damn batman. Did you see any celebs there?

Lets see...we went to a presentation New Line put on for a bunch of movies. They had panel on Blade 3 with David Goyer, Jessica Biel, and that dude from Van Wilder. Then they had the two guys from Harold and Kumar talk for a bit. They finished it off with a panel on the Return of the King DVD, with a couple of the producers, and the guys who played Faramir and Pippin.

The biggest encounter we had though was with Matt Groening. We went by the booth for Bongo Comics, the guys who do the Simpsons and Futurama comics, and he was just hanging around. We were pretty much the only ones around, so we got to chat with him for about 5 minutes or so. He was really cool and easy going. He gave us all his business card...it's looks pretty cool, has a big picture of Maggie on it.

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