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It's time to party
So ferrell is moving to West Virginia next week. That means he'll be 3000 miles away from us. That also means we won't have to see his ugly mug for a long time. I think that calls for a celebration.

Seriously though, we need to throw the man a bash and send him off right. So, tonight at Voltron, 7:00, be there or be square. If you want to bring something, bring beer. Beer is good.

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hows about some directions, yo?

Mapquests's directions are pretty good. Not the quickest way there, but they work fine. Here's the quickest way:

Take I-5 south to the Canby Exit. It's the second after Wilsonville.

That'll put you right onto a highway. After about a mile or two you'll come to a light. Go left. There will be a 4-way stop after about 100 yards, just go straight through it.

That'll put you on another highway. You take that about 3 miles, and it will curve off to the left. At the end of the curve there's a light, and you want to turn right. That road will dead end at a T after about 1/4 mile, turn right. Go about 1/2 mile to a stoplight and turn left.

Now you're on HWY 99, which goes right into Canby after about a mile. Once you're in Canby, turn right at the 3rd light, which is Ivy St. On Ivy go about 4 blocks down and take the second left which is Township Rd. On Township you want to take the first right, which is our street, Lupine. We're the first house on the right. Call us at 503-266-3006 if you get lost :)

Oops, forgot you're coming from LO. Just disregard the Beaverton start if you use the mapquest directions...I figure you can get to I-5 without their help anyway ;)

have a beer on me!!! I'll catch a halibut for ya. ; )

Tell Ferrell good luck! Hope you guys have a good time.

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