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(no subject)
I've long contended that when refering to soft drinks, the Northwest is solid "pop" territory...but I never knew there was polling data to backup the claim. I now feel vindicated.

But I've gotta ask, what's the deal with St. Louis and Eastern Wisconsin? Does New England have some kind of propaganda program to switch people to "soda" they're trying out in those areas or something?

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I say soda.. I don't like the word pop.

Well then, you'd best move to the NE or St. Louis. There's no place for your kind here...

You and your pop hooligans don't deserve the Northwest.

I call it Soda, but that is because I’m from that bastion of normalcy formed at the convergence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

man, Anchorage county is a soda place! I def need to move down to the Kenai somewhere and get back in pop land.

Alaska just looks schizo...you're all over the board! You guys need to get your shit together and come to some kind of consensus ;)

Why can't we all just get along? I'm gonna start a movement that everyone call carbonated soft drinks the same thing. How about AssJuice! That's catchy. Whose with me?

Soda is a much more definitive word comparatively and my preference overall. I don't accept that I'm outnumbered. I reject your reality and substitute my own.

I say "coke." As in a "Jack and Coke" or "Whisky and Coke."

In the event of not wanting my carbonated molassas water to be sans bourbon (unlikely), I would say "soda". As in "soda and pie."

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