Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Go read this. Then come back...

Absolutely unbelievable. The answer to instability and terrorism in the Middle East is to bring back the Contras?! How can anyone think this is a good idea?! I'm beginning to think these guys are going after medicinal marijuana so hard lately so that they can hoard it for their own stash!

The paragraph about Iran is the most outrageous:
"Anti-mullah protestors regularly and repeatedly take to the streets to demand change, and in many cases the regime has to use hired thugs to bypass local security forces who won't attack their own in order to put down the demonstrations"
So he lambastes a country for "using hired thugs to bypass local security forces who won't attack their own" in an article he wrote about how we should hire thugs to bypass local security forces who won't attack their own. There's a logical argument. It gets better though...

Fifty years ago, the CIA helped up-end an Iranian government whose support at home was ebbing quickly. Today, America is facing an Iranian regime hated within its own country; the right help, in the right places could knock the mullahs down without a single shot fired from an American's gun.

Hello, McFly? This is your shining example of what American intervention can accomplish? Look how well that turned out! The CIA overthrowing the Iranian government is what led to Ayatollah Khomeini taking over and starting the regime we're facing now! A regime that is worse than the one we overthrew in every way imaginable!

Have we learned nothing? Haven't we learned that the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" philosophy is a bad idea? Everytime we try and force change in a region, it comes back and bites us in the ass. Iran, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Central America...every single time it's ended badly. Just because someone hates your enemy doesn't mean they don't hate you just as much, and as soon as they enemy is gone, guess who's next on the menu? Nobody in the Arab world likes us. At best we're tolerated, at worst we're hated; largely due to all the meddling we've done over the years. Ratcheting up the level to which we're willing to screw with these people is not going to win them over.

Normally I'd just write this guy off as a nut job, except that I'm sure there are highly placed members of the Executive Branch that agree with him. They're hellbent for leather to democratize the Middle East. I think it's a fine goal...unfortunately their chosen methods would be a complete disaster, and make the most dangerous part of the world even more unstable. If they get to a point where they don't need to worry about re-election, they just might try it. If Iraq hadn't gone to hell in a hand basket on them they might have tried already...
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