Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Meet The Cheat!

So the Voltron Crew has been talking about getting a cat to watch the place while we're at work. I wanted someone there to sign for packages, and Jason wanted to teach it to hold a knife so it could ward of intruders. We had planned on getting one from the humaine society, but this last weekend Isaac spoted someone on Damn Portlanders giving away 3 kittens, so on Sunday afternoon Jason and I drove out to NE portland and picked one up.

We've decided to name her The Cheat, after our favorite Homestar Runner character.

I also got a new digital camera this week, and The Cheat helped me put it through the paces:

So here she is. My mom asked what kind of cat she was. I told her that she's an Orange cat.

She's pretty mellow most of the time...

But she does have a wild streak in her. For example, she's having quite a bout with my mouse and a gum wrapper right now.

Oh yeah, The Cheat really doesn't like stuffed cows. If you show her one, she'll probably hiss at you. Just a heads up.
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