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Meet The Cheat!
So the Voltron Crew has been talking about getting a cat to watch the place while we're at work. I wanted someone there to sign for packages, and Jason wanted to teach it to hold a knife so it could ward of intruders. We had planned on getting one from the humaine society, but this last weekend Isaac spoted someone on Damn Portlanders giving away 3 kittens, so on Sunday afternoon Jason and I drove out to NE portland and picked one up.

We've decided to name her The Cheat, after our favorite Homestar Runner character.

I also got a new digital camera this week, and The Cheat helped me put it through the paces:

So here she is. My mom asked what kind of cat she was. I told her that she's an Orange cat.

She's pretty mellow most of the time...

But she does have a wild streak in her. For example, she's having quite a bout with my mouse and a gum wrapper right now.

Oh yeah, The Cheat really doesn't like stuffed cows. If you show her one, she'll probably hiss at you. Just a heads up.

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What's going on in picture #2, is someone crushing the cheat?

On an unrelated note is she learning how to run capers with you guys yet?

No, she just crawled under the pillow and came out the other side.

We haven't taken The Cheat on any capers yet. She's not able to discern which ones are the jumbles yet.

I don't know what kind of crazy shit passes for food on the sub-continent, but keep your goddamn hands off my cat!

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