Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

My hard drive is toast. I ran some diagnostic tools on it last night, it churned on it for about 5 minutes and then came up with a window that said "Defective Device". At this point I tend to agree. So Isaac was kind enough to loan me a drive, and I reinstalled WinXP.

I'm back up and running now, but Product Activation is saying that my serial number has been used too many times and I have to call Microsoft to reset it. ARRG! I've only had to activate twice, once when I first got XP, and again when I changed my video card and NIC about a year ago. I don't mind companies trying to protect their products from theft, but the moment it inconveniences me, a paying customer, they've gone too far. Of corse I mean a significant inconvenience, I'm fine with having to type in the serial number to begin with. I just shouldn't have to call them up and get their permission to use something I paid for.

I went and reinstalled all the software I thought I would need (Mozilla, OpenOffice, Gimp, etc) and I find myself with a lot of free drive space. I had almost 30 gigs of stuff on my old drive, and I'm not even using 10 on the new one. I guess it's not so bad that I had to reinstall, it seems I had a lot of space filled with stuff I don't need. I'm sure I'll come across some things I'll want that I haven't remembered to install yet, but not enough to take up as much space as I was using before.
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