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(no subject)
My hard drive is toast. I ran some diagnostic tools on it last night, it churned on it for about 5 minutes and then came up with a window that said "Defective Device". At this point I tend to agree. So Isaac was kind enough to loan me a drive, and I reinstalled WinXP.

I'm back up and running now, but Product Activation is saying that my serial number has been used too many times and I have to call Microsoft to reset it. ARRG! I've only had to activate twice, once when I first got XP, and again when I changed my video card and NIC about a year ago. I don't mind companies trying to protect their products from theft, but the moment it inconveniences me, a paying customer, they've gone too far. Of corse I mean a significant inconvenience, I'm fine with having to type in the serial number to begin with. I just shouldn't have to call them up and get their permission to use something I paid for.

I went and reinstalled all the software I thought I would need (Mozilla, OpenOffice, Gimp, etc) and I find myself with a lot of free drive space. I had almost 30 gigs of stuff on my old drive, and I'm not even using 10 on the new one. I guess it's not so bad that I had to reinstall, it seems I had a lot of space filled with stuff I don't need. I'm sure I'll come across some things I'll want that I haven't remembered to install yet, but not enough to take up as much space as I was using before.

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Windows XP is a disease...and I'm the cure.

If anyone is the cure its me.

Oh please Max. It's easy to talk big when the only criminals you have to deal with are a bunch of mutated freaks running around in S&M gear. In the real world criminals don't wear metal hockey maskes or other assorted sporting goods surplus. They carry knives! Big ones! And I gotta put them away!

First of all I didn't have to deal with freaks until the apocalypse happened. That was probably due to the over kill that you and your zombie squad dealt out.

Secondly, I fight for whats good and nobel. Weather its defending a group of oil refiners from some a fuel hungry gang, or helping a bunch of outcast children get to the promised land.

Thirdly, I have a supercharged car that had boobie traps.

Duh. I had a supercharged car too, also I didn't have to dress like a total queen to get the job done. I just needed my sunglasses, my unlit match and my huge gun. Atleast I never depended on some crazy wolf boy with a boomerang.

Hey Max... Don't forget what made you mad in the first place. Outlaw bikers killed your wife and child. Plus you had to deal with that wack-ass pilot. God was he a moron. I was surprised he had even bred.

You only fight to protect Nobel Laureates? What a sissy...at least Cobra fights to protect hot models...

But Cobra, don't think I'm defending you, you're a total loser too. I mean, you gotta use that laser site to hit anything, and you talk like your lines are being written by your 15 year old understudy!

You guys think you're tough? You don't know the meaning of the word...try dying and getting turned into a freakin' robot!

Microsoft sucks cancer ridden rhinocerous cocks!

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