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(no subject)
The hard drive my OS is installed on started freaking out last night...read errors, making a lot of noise...not a good sign. This happened once before a few months ago and then it started working again the next day, so maybe it will be nice and start up when I get home tonight. I hope so, because if it's shot I can't afford to replace it till I get paid on the 31st. I could probably scrounge an old drive to use just for the OS till I can get a new one, but that would mean doing two reinstalls.

Even if the drive does start working again I'll replace it come November. I was willing to look the other way the first time this happened, but twice is too much. This drive obviously isn't reliable anymore.

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I have a spare drive or two that you could borrow if you need to. I also have a copy of Ghost so you wouldn't have to do a complete reinstall.

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