Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Dodged a bullet there. They had probably around 100 people they called in for Grand Jury selection, and they only needed 7 of us. It quickly became apparent why they called in so many more people than they needed; just about all of us asked to be excused. So far as I could tell everyone who asked was allowed to leave. As we were filing out there were about 15 or so people left, so they have some breathing room on getting their 7 jurors.

I'm still "on call" for the rest of the week in case they need a trial jury, but they let us tell them if there were dates we needed to be excused from. My dad has been talking about maybe going camping/fishing later this week, so I asked to be excused Thur-Fri. From what I can tell there were only a few of us who said we had conflicts this week, so I imagine they'll pull from the rest of the folks first. Unless they have a case that they think can be completed in the next two days, I should be all done.
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