Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

I got a jury summons for this comming week, and I really have no excuse to get out of it, so I sent the card in saying I could do it.

I have to call a number every night and see if I'm needed for the next day. So I called the number a while ago, and I have to report to the courthouse at 8:00 tomorrow morning for Grand Jury selection. Oh, hell no. I'm willing to serve on a trial jury this week, but I honestly can't afford the kind of time a Grand Jury position requires. I have to start working again next week, and I'm going to Vegas for Scott's wedding. Hopefully when they see a 23 year old kid who shows up in a t-shirt and shorts and says he can't do it they'll cut their losses...anyone have a t-shirt that says "Capital Punishment is the Will of the Lord"? ;)
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