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(no subject)
Looks like we have quite the camping trip coming up. So far we have myself, muerte, potsie, gorgonous, anilnaik, ferrell, whitaker, and angz along for the ride. sassadaisy won't come, apprently due to her fear of outhouses. I think it's more likely that her mofia upbringing has left her with a deep rooted fear of spending time in any kind of federal institution, including a national forest.

My first choice for camping, and the place we stayed at last time, Green Canyon, is kinda in a state of flux. My Dad was up there last weekend, and I guess the forest service has it blocked off and is doing some work back in there. I called the ranger station, and they said it should be open sometime next week, but I think we're better off going with a sure thing. So, we'll be staying at Toll Gate Campground, in site number 12, a double site right on the river. Should be really nice. Best part about camping is how cheap it is...came out to only 12 bucks per person for 3 nights.

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Sounds like a hoot, but I'd be careful about broadcasting where you are going to be camping. An insult to sassadaisy could land in you in a remote lake somewhere left to sleep with the fishes.

Me and my buddy are going to come up that night. Probably bring some fun with us.

Is your buddy "trouble?"

We all have that friend, but I recommend you leave him at home!

what do you care your not going

I'm bigger than you... I'll go wherever I want!

Including in your diaper according to what Brooke tells me...

The correct wordage for that sentence would be the contraction "you're". "Your", as I'm sure you know, is used to indicate possession.

I am the only girl!!! This could get scary! STACY I need you!

I would love to come. But I'm guessing that most of the people going would not like a baby around.. Next time perhaps.

If you need some more people I'm always interested in a good time.

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