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(no subject)
After lunch I came back to my desk, fired up my monitor, and it came on with the screen all out of wack. It's shaking like crazy, hope it's not broken. It's a nice 21" monitor, and I don't have any money in my budget to replace it...I'll be stuck with a 19" if it's broken!

I turned it off and unplugged it, and I'll leave it for a couple hours...we'll see if it behaves better later today.

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God, you're pathetic. You want something to whine about? Try being a washed up shell of a man for a while!

You're really one to talk...I know you were blubbering like a baby when you didn't get picked up for Police Academy 4!

Shove it Benedict...or I'll have Hightower break your snooty ass in half!

Bring it bizatch! Hannibal and B.A. got my back!

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