Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

So I was merrily making my way to work this morning, minding my own business, when some assclown decides it would be fun to slam into the back of my car. I was at a stop, he was probably doing 25 or so, knocked me around pretty good.

I pulled off into the turn lane and stopped, and he pulls along side. He says "Good Morrning...I don't think I hurt your car, it looks fine." So he's immediatly trying to weasle out of this, although to his credit the next thing he did was ask if I was ok. My car being the wonderfull piece of machinery that it is, I told him that I would probably let it slide if my bumber was just dinged, but that I wanted to assess the damage and get his info anyway, so we pulled off to a side street. A woman pulled up and asked if we needed a witness, and he immediatly said "No, we're handling this." I told her that I would like to have a witness just in case, so she gave me her number and left.

I checked out the car, and it seems fine. The bumper is split along the side, and it's a little ajar, but relativly minor damage. His car came through pretty well too, although his bumper was fiberglass, so it was cracked in several places. As we exchanged info he kept saying that his insurance was really high right now, and that he couldn't afford this right now, etc. I just kept telling him that I wasn't going to decide anything right then, and that I would call him before making a claim if that was what I decided to do. He seemed pretty desperate...which isn't surprising as his car was pretty new, but had a lot of dings...I think he's about reached the limit of what his insurance company will put up with.

If it was just the bumper, I'd just let it go, not worth the hassle of taking the car into the shop. However, the my seat got screwed up from the jolt, and it reclines too much now, very annoying unless you like lowriding. I need to get that fixed, but I'll give the guy a break and let him pay me out of pocket if he wants.

On a side note, I always thought people complaining of whiplash were mostly full of's just a jolt, how much damage can it do? I take it all back. Some of them are certainly ambulance chasers, but it's a legitimate injury. I was only hit at 25mph, let alone a major accident, and it's made my neck pretty sore. I'm hardly in need of a neck brace, but it's definately injured...I can see how someone could need medical attention for a bade case.
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