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(no subject)
I've never had the slightest urge to try any kind of narcotic, but I can easliy see myself becoming strung out on Krispy Kremes. I swear those things are glazed with some kind of sugar/crack hybrid.

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Wait a goddamn sec here! You have access to the Krispy Kreme? You're gonna have to score some for the Super Bowl!

God, I wish. I don't have access...I know a guy who knows a guy...I dunno where they come from and I don't ask.

Seriously though, one of the kids brought in a box for the staff today...they must have gotten them somewhere over the weekend.

Hell. It's easier to get junk. ;-/

The scary thing is that's undoubtedly true...

My girlfriends mom always has Krispy Kremes. I'll see where she gets them

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