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(no subject)
From a poll done by the Washington Post:

The poll found that homeland security, the war on terrorism and Iraq dominate the public's agenda, and overwhelm such perennial concerns as education, health care and Social Security. Nearly half of the country said homeland security and the campaign against terrorism were issues they wanted Bush and the Congress to give their "highest" priority.

By 2 to 1, the public trusts the Republicans more than Democrats to handle homeland security, terrorism and the situation with Iraq. The two parties are at parity on handling the economy, which barely a third of the public rated as "excellent" or "good." Democrats hold more modest advantages over the GOP on domestic issues such as health care, education, Social Security and prescription drugs, issues that only a third or fewer Americans now rate as top priorities for Bush and Congress.

Wow. I think every American should be issued a copy of Wag the Dog.

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I hate politics. There is always valid perspective from each side; however, the objectives get all tangled up in opinions and personal agendas and nothing ever turns out the way it should.

Well.. you have to remember, this is the same general populous who put bush in office to begin with.. what'd you expect?

Molallaboy says, "Wag the Dog was cool!!"

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