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(no subject)
Dang car is still hosed. Same deal, it runs fine, but my whole dash and headlights have no power. I got a recommendation from Scottie on a good mechanic in town, I'll swing by this afternoon and see what's up. Part of me is hoping it's something incredibly simple, and part of me wants it to be extremely complex so I don't feel like I should have been able to fix it on my own ;)

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Did you check the fuse box? You don't want to spend money on diagnosis to find you did actually just blow a 15Amp fuse that costs 30 cents to replace.

w3rd. go replace all of your fuses before you take this in.

Yeah, I checked all the fuses, they look fine. I don't really think it's fuses unless the whole dang thing is shot though, cause it's a lot of different stuff that's not working. Speedometer works, gas and temp gauges don't. Wipers work, but no headlights, tail lights, or blinkers.

Unfortunately, all the mechanics in town are closed today (Drove to two that are close, called the others and no answer). Since I'm stuck at home anyway, I might as well try replacing all the fuses ;)

After football of course... right?

No, I don't think tackling two freeways and a highway with no blinkers or tail lights is a good idea ;)

Lemme know if you're still looking for a Mechanic. My Brother-in-Law makes his living doing that, charges fair price too.

I'm not sure how, but I'm sure the problem is related to gay porn.

Oh, I don't think there can be any doubt of that.

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