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(no subject)
Well, measure 19 passed, so my job is secure, at least for now. I don't particularly like the precedent that has been set (going for the quick fix), but I suppose it was the best thing to do at the moment.

Oh, and all of this is no thanks to Mr. Scott Baker, who despite multiple reminders and a ridiculously easy process neglected to cast his vote. I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him...I mean, he would have had to punch two holes in a piece of paper and then walk to the mailbox. That's quite a cross for anyone to bear.

So, next time you see Scott, be sure to tell him what a fine American he is. People may say that ours is the most apathetic and politically irresponsible generation yet, but thanks to folks like Scott, we're proving them wrong one election at a time ;)

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damn, i knew i forgot to do something this weekend. why couldnt you remind me earlier =p

Amen! You know, I don't think Scott believes in voting. He sure has a political opinion though.

That's the weird part...I'd understand this a lot more if he didn't understand the things he's being asked to vote on, or if he just didn't care.

Scottie, you've gotta ask yourself; would the A-Team sit idly by while events that shape the world they live in took place around them? Hell no! They'd be in the van on the way to the polls faster than BA could call Murdock sucka! And any chumps who weren't right there with them would get thrown through a window, try to drive away through a construction site, flip their car, and be engulfed in the resulting inferno! Do you want that to happen to you?!

I'm just glad that I can contribute to the "most apathetic and politically irresponsible generation yet"


woah, forgot to unbold there...just a sec...

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