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(no subject)
Just cracked open a CD I got for x-mas. When my brother asked for some gift ideas, I suggested he could pick me up a Savatage album called Dead Winter Dead. Supposed to be very good. Savatage is a metal band BTW.

However, he couldn't find that one, so he picked up one called Streets instead. Savatage has mellowed out considerably the last few years, to the point where I really enjoy their stuff. I like music with an edge, but not ear splitting.

Anyway, this album definatly falls into their earlier, much louder period. Definatly too hard for my taste. Plus, it's just weird. Unfortunatly, Best Buy doesn't take returns after 30 days...oh well.

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Dude, I will buy Streets from you over spring break if you like! I have been meaning to buy that album for months! Although, if you do want to keep it, "If I Go Away" and "Heal My Soul" are both terrific songs.

streets is yer dadi

don't give up on it, there's some real gems on there :)

Re: streets is yer dadi

Yeah, it's growing on me...I had only listened to the first half of it when I posted that, which definatly was too harsh for my taste.

Second half seems much more mellow, more up my alley.

did you read the liner notes?

there's a big story N stuff, in typical savatage style. ;) check it out.

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