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(no subject)
So yeah, Scott is all paranoid that people will need directions to our campsite even after I e-mailed it to them...so here goes:

Take 205, and get off at the Estacada, HWY 212 exit. Turn right onto HWY 212 and take that for a few miles. It will eventually hit 26 East.

You take 26 through Sandy and on up to Mt. Hood. The campground we're staying at is in Welches, about 15 miles past Sandy.

When you get to Welches, look for a school on the right side of the highway. Just past the school is Welches Road. Turn right onto Welches road, and head down it about 5 miles. The campground is on the right hand side of the road,
and there's a big sign for it. It's called Green Canyon.

It's a pretty small campground, so it shouldn't be too tough to find us. We're going to try and get spot 10, so check there first.

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I've never had anyone make it so easy for me to find them in the woods and kill them.

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