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(no subject)
Whatever the problem was with my boys seems to have worked itself out, so I don't need to go back to the doctor this weekend. It's kinda a shame...so many good one liners came of that, I dunno what Scott and I are gonna do for amusement now.

I met Anil downtown yesterday to go catch The Sting, which was playing at the Laurelhurst at 1:20. Or so I was told. When we got there it turned out that the 1:20 show was only on Saturday, so we hung around downtown in the sweltering heat until 7:20 when the movie actually played. It was cool though...we hit powels and then hid from the sun down in the Cellar Bar for a while, and at least it was a great movie we waited to see.

Why can't science spend more time on curing cancer or something instead of making polio?

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Is this the post you were talkin' about at Powells?

"The Dred Scott case, its significance in American law and politics (by Don Fehrenbacher) 9.0;
At 741 pages, the book is about 150 pages too long, and I'm not saying that the last 150 needed to be cut out, just that it was too damn thorough. All said, definitely one of the best works of a historian that I've ever read. Highly highly recommended for anyone interested in US history from 1790 to 1860, and legal scholars. Just be sure to have lots of coffee nearby.

Decision in Philadelphia : the Constitutional Convention of 1787 (by Christopher Collier, James Lincoln Collier) 8.0
Required reading for anyone looking to teach US history. Also a very good book to understand (to some degree) why things are the way they are in the Constitution. If you ever asked why the US Constitution is arranged and crafted the way it was, read this book. However, the authors are very "rah-rah go america." And vomitously at points. You are forewarned."

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