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(no subject)
The Bonzi Buddy website must have made some kind of deal with Satan. I have bonzi.com set as (Riverdale's webserver) in the hosts files of the proxy server *and* all our clients. All of them get when pinging bonzi.com...and yet, when a browser is told to go there, it happily pulls up the page.

God, please give me the strength to destroy this purple menace...

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What about www.bonzi.com?

Covered that too...stupid monkey

You need to set up '*' as the hostname so it picks up every .bonzaibuddy.com address. I'm sure they have lots of servers that they pull from..

If that doesn't work, set up something like ethereal and watch what happens when Bonzai gets installed.. Find the IP address/hostname and block it at the router.

But it shouldn't matter if they have 10 billion different servers...I'm not trying to block their IP, just set assign our IP to that domain...

That's what I was saying with the '*' DNS entry..

$TTL 345600
bonzaibuddy.com. IN SOA  bonzaibuddy.com. marklar@richschool.com. (
        1019689306;             Serial
        3600;           Refresh with master
        900;            Retry if master down
        604800;         Expire domain
        3600 );         Minimum TTL

;;; Nameservers ;;;

        IN      NS      ns1.richschool.com.
        IN      NS      ns2.richschool.com.

;;; Hosts ;;;

bonzaibuddy.com.   IN   A
*                       CNAME  bonzaibuddy.com.

Pretty sure that should work.. Give it a try. (Replace richschool.com entries with your own data.)

Guess it's bonzi.com not banzaibuddy.com.. ("Bohn-zee" if they pronounce it correctly.)
But you get the idea. :P

Woah there cowboy, remember that you're talking to the guy who doesn't even know VI yet ;)

I'm assuming what you're suggesting is making a change in the config of the DNS servers...unfortunatly I don't have access to the DNS servers, they're run by Multnomah County ESD.

Y'know... quite often Windows users argue that their platform has more programs than the Macintosh side of things... yet this is an example of something Windows has, but that Mac doesn't. And from what I've seen and heard, I'm greatful..

Sure it's annoying, but it's easy enough for me personaly to avoid...I just don't install it ;)

Plus, I'll willing to put up with Bonzi and the like in exchange for the good stuff...time to play some Jedi Outcast...

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