Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Spring break turned out pretty cool. Anil came and chilled in Canby for a few days along with his girlfriend Emily. Scott (who went kicking and screaming), Angie, and I met them downtown at Powells, and from there we went to the Celar Bar. I'm always amazed by what a cool place that is. Very laid back considering it's locale.

Tuesday I hung out with Sarah all day. Hit the Barnes and Noble in Clackamas. I picked up Foucault's Pendulum, which has been recommended to me by several people. After that we hit the mall for some lunch and came back to Canby to watch a movie. Ended up throwing in High Fidelity...I had forgoten how good it is. Wednesday I pretty much just sat around the house until the evening, when I met Sarah and Shannon Turner at Stanford's in Beaverton. It was very good to catch up with Shannon, I hadn't seen her in months.

Thursday night Anil, Sarah, and Amy came over and we watched Sleuth. Damn fine movie, great dialog, great twists. After the flick Sarah went home and Anil, Amy and myself hit up Sharie's for some coffee. Today I saw Lord of the Rings again...I'd been wanting to go for one last hurrah before it left theaters, and the addition of the teaser footage for Two Towers was enough to get me to pony up the 6 bucks. Man does Two Towers look badass...December can't come soon enough. Sure makes me glad they shot all three at once, 3 years between these would be torture ;)

Decided to wrap up the break by hanging out tonight with Anil. Caught the Maryland-Kansas game, then headed out to McMenamin's, where we played Cribbage. Anil got stomped. Afterwards I drove Anil home, and then headed out to Canby. It was definately nice to see everyone in Beaverton, but it's also nice to be home again ;)
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