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(no subject)
Finaly got all moved in. I've spent the last two days boxing and then unpacking all of my stuff...which has made me come to realize that I have far too much of said stuff. Problem is that I can't really find anything I really want to get rid of.

The house is great. Scott has done a really nice job of fixing it up. We've got pretty much everything we need, everything after this is just icing on the cake. I do intend to pickup a few kitchen items though...a waffle iron and a coffee maker would be great...

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In honor of this post.. i'm gonna make me some fuckin waffles ;)

Operation "Eat Some Fuckin Waffles" is a success.

Hey Ferrell, have you ever experienced Chicken and Waffles?

No sir, I have not. But it DOES sound interesting..

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