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(no subject)
I've spent most of the last two days either in Canby or driving to or from there. Spent yesterday helping Scott move in, and then today I loaded as much stuff as I could fit in my car and took it over to the house.

Things are really shaping up. Scott perchased a new refrigerator today, which is the last of the major appliances. Seating space in the living room is very limited, but that should be resolved fairly soon. We had planned that I would move in next weekend, but Scott suggested that since I have tomorrow off I should just move in then. Sounds good to me, however there are a few snags. First, I'm not sure if my dad's truck will be available to haul stuff tomorrow, and second, the bed I'll be using, Scott's twin bed, won't be available until Wednesday when he's getting a new one. Last, but certainly not least, my new monitor won't be arriving here till Tuesday. Looks like I'll be moving in next weekend afterall...

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purchased muahahahaha

I am so gonna kill you in your sleep...

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