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(no subject)
Spent to day out in Canby at Scottie's new pad. It's definately a nice house, and it's looking a whole lot better with some fresh coats of paint.

Just about the whole house has textured celings, and man, those things are a pain in the ass to paint. Takes a lot of paint, a lot of time, and you've gotta deal with paint dripping down on you all the time.

On the way home I made a stop at Frys. I was thinking about picking up Serious Sam, but they didn't have it in. However, I did come away with a copy of Rune for $4.95

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Cottage cheese ceiling stuff is definitely a pain.. And it tastes good on a cracka.

No thanks. I don't even like real cottege cheese ;)

Serious Sam the second coming (or whatever) or the original?

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