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(no subject)
The chick who works at the subway I eat at really pisses me off. I dunno why I always get stuck with her, but for some reason it's always her serving me.

Every damn time she's making my sandwitch, she puts a *tiny* bit of onion on and I have to ask for more. Every damn time. It's not that she just can't put a large amount of stuff on, cause when I ask for lettuce I swear I get a whole head's worth on there. I tried asking for extra onion, but that made no difference in the amount I got upon asking the first time. I can understand this happening the first few times, but it's day in and day out. You'd think she's know to give me some farkin onions when I ask for them after me hounding her about it every day...

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It's a rough life you lead eh?

It is man...I needs my onions

You should bring in some sliced onion and ask her to put it in--then see if she gets it. ;-)

Bust out some onion-rage.

ask if you can buy just an onion next time. no sandwich. see what she says.

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