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(no subject)
Well, looks like I could be out of here sooner than I had planned ;)

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Because excite's going down? I'd think that if anything that would bring more job security. If they lose excite, then they go to another network. I got a letter that says they've been building one. That means service downtime. They'll also have a thousand people calling in asking why their @home address isn't working, even though they've received notification of it being changed..

Unless you meant you were gonna leave if that happens.

Oh, I realize that Cable Internet service isn't going anywhere...pretty much all of the cable companies besides AT&T are planning on getting off @Home and going with their own network, regardles of whether @Home is still around after Friday.

However, that does nothing for us, contract is with Excite@Home. If they shutdown their network, I seriously doubt they'll keep the contract going...so we'll prolly all get moved over to Dell or something...screw that ;)

I thought you worked for at@t

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