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(no subject)
Just got 256mb more RAM. Do I need it? Not really...but for $31.00 with 2 day shipping, I couldn't resist ;)

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$31? Where did you go? Did you get solid gold ram? $31 should get your 512 megs!

Bought it from Crucial.com...

$31 bucks for 512mb? I know RAM is cheap as hell right now, but dang, where are you finding that?

Even Fry's had it cheap for a while... but check pricewatch.com

Yeah, I guess there are some folks offering up 512 for the price I paid...Oh well, I'm willing to pay a premium for CL 2 Micron RAM

I suppose if you get cas2 micron then it's not so bad. I have 512 of generic PC133 and it smokes ass. Never had a problem with it, even in my Athlon 1.3ghz.

Another reason is that I've already got 256...I don't really even need another 256, let along another 512. I probably should have just stuck with what I had, this stuff is gonna be worthless next time I upgrade...

I noticed a big diff between 256 and 512... everything is cached now!

256 Meg

Nobody needs 256, but everybody wants it. Now I think since you are writing this here journal you should give some pertinent personal information. Like how come I haven't heard from you in about 3 years!

Your Uncle. (The Normal One)

Nice try sir, but I'm not buying. If you had done your homework you'd know that I don't have any normal Uncles. They've been called many things in their day, but never that...

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