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(no subject)
Just got off the phone with a geeky teenage hax0r who's login was "sosodef". I was tempted to ask him if in addition to being "def" he was "all the way live", but I refrained ;)

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What team you working on man? I just got hired, and I'm trying to figure out what to hope for...

Heh, it's actually not that bad. I wouldn't recommend that anyone pick this as a career, but it pays the bills...oh, and I work on @Home.

Aw, come on. It's a freaking paycheck. And besides, don't tell them, but I'm prolly gonna quit some time in January. Just need some cash until school starts up.

Aye, it is that. It's pretty much a fast food job...

Well, they put me on a team that rhymes with Hell. Coincidence? God I can't wait till January...

Yikes...that's not gonna be fun...

Well, at least my ex-girlfriend owns two Dells... maybe I can troubleshoot my way back into her heart. Ha. I'm not feeling funny right now. You still working at Stream?

Yup, still here ;)

When are you working?

8-5, M-F. Where/when might I find you there?

2:30-11:30 Tuesday-Saturday, Cube C889 (right next to Dell)

Shoulda asked him, "Are you in da Liberty Bowl!"?

If he'd responded with "L yes!" I'd have made billing give him a free month or something ;)

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