Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

I bought a 3dfx TV tuner from about two months ago, and have never gotten it working. For you non computer geeks, 3dfx has been defunct for a good while now, so support for this thing is non-existant. And apparently DirectX 8 screwed the drivers for it.

I've been putting off working on it, but last night I decided I wouldn't sleep until I got it working. Two updates to Direct X, 3 different apps to access the video signal, and a ton of driver changes later, I got the damn thing working. Took all night, but now I have computer, DVD, TV, and Playstation without leaving my desk ;)

In other news, They Fight Crime! So far my favorite is "He's a genetically engineered voodoo waffle chef gone bad. She's a high-kicking Bolivian socialite with a birthmark shaped like Liberty's torch. They fight crime!"
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