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May want to stay off the roads for a while...
Well, I bought a car yesterday. Called on a ton of ads in a the paper, and found a guy selling a '90 Nissan Sentra for $1750. The car has 109k miles, but the engine was rebuilt at 101k. The body is in great shape, runs perfectly, and the interior is nice too.

Plus, the guy was selling cause he had to move to Hong Kong on wednesday. He seemed anxious to sell, so I managed to get him down to $1550. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the perchase.

Only problem is it's a manual transmission, and it's gonna be interesting learning to drive the thing...

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All I'm looking for is a car under $2k that won't cost me another $1k within 6 months in repairs, and you managed to get one. Bastage.

i can teach you how to drive it

if you want ;)

Re: i can teach you how to drive it

Thanks for the offer man. Fortunatly, the Ol' Man knows how to drive a manual, and he's showing me the ropes.

Getting to the point where I can at least drive the thing, although my transmission isn't happy with me, I'm sure ;)

Good now get your ass up to Seattle! ;-)

Congradulations. I am totally jealous, except for the manual thing ( it took me about three lessons to pick most of it up, but Kev read this he'll probabl say other ways). You got a newer car than me and cheaper. gotta love those nissians. So what does it look like, 2 door or 4. Have fun! Amybe you actually visit us here at OSU sometime.

It's a 2 door, white with grey interior. And it may be newer and cheaper, but it's not nearly so tricked out as yours. No power locks, no power windows, no sunroof, and the sterio is broken.

But, it will get me from point A to point B just fine. And I'll throw a cheap CD player in it sometime soon.

And so begins all the jokes about Ben "driving stick"

Hey, I'll drive stick like nobody's business if the money is right...insurance is expensive ;)

I prefer drivin stick to an automatic transmission. After you get the hang of it, of course. Congrats on the purchase dude.

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