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(no subject)
Well, spent the weekend in Corvallis. Was great to see everyone. Mike and Ferrell's place is nicer than I expected, not too bad at all. However, Amy and Sarah are both living in luxury comparitivly. Personaly, I'd prefer the messy bachelor pad ;)

Mike and Ferrell introduced me to La Conga, much to the joy of my tastebuds, and the dispair of my digestive track. Didn't see much of Mike, as he was busy most of the weekend with school work, but we did get to hang out a bit on Sunday night. Went to a place called Senior Sams, which had very good burrito's.

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Re: midnight drive-thrus are neat

Nah, we skipped the mini-golf. I hear it's even more ghetto than the one in beaverton ;)

Aye, I'm very familure with the late night pipeline. Once again, it's cheap and you can get it late, but you pay the price. Why is it that if you order food after 12:00 you need pepto to go with it?

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