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(no subject)
Home again, home again. We hit town about 2:45am last night, and crashed at Scott's place, then Anil and I drove the rest of the way home this morning.

I think it's a testament to how well we all get along that we were stuck with each other constantly for two weeks, and while we annoyed each other from time to time, nobody got even close to being upset with someone else. We had a blast...and talked way too much Germans.

13 days, 9 states, over 4300 miles. I can't think of a better way to cap off a summer.

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I was thinking about that too... we really did get along pretty well for the most part. Considering we spent so much time together! :)

I think we need to lookup the spelling of that...but I doubt it will be on dictionary.com ;)

According to IMDB

Cartman: Mom? If you were in a German Scheisse video, you... you'd tell me, wouldn't you?
[short pause]
Mrs. Cartman: Sure, hon.

How bout a new pic Cheif?

I don't have that many pictures of me, but I did just make a couple new pics. How's this?

There are better pics of you than that....

Maybe something righteous will show up in my shots.

1) I'm not all the photogenic. I have one pose the "stoic looking away shot"
2) I don't have that many pictures of myself.

Did you takes your pics in?

The shots shots should be back tomorrow.

It looks like a damn mug-shot man...did you go and shoot someone in the face?

Working on it

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